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How fast time flies! I know that sounds like a cliche, but it’s true. If you have visited the resort lately, you would have met our new staff. Since Ely left to move back to Bicol, our staff have been busy updating our resort facilities. Last year, our swimming pool had to be decommissioned because of a leak(s). It took a while for our Manila contractor to find the leak, but finally the leak was found and repaired. Then the problem was water supply. Since the town’s water supply has been diminishing and can hardly cope with the needs of the town, we had to hire a water delivery service to fill the swimming pool. But after a few days and tens of thousands of pesos worth of truckloads of water, the water started to go down again, meaning another leak!

Despite numerous calls, our contractor never showed up again, so it was left to our staff to find the new leak. After several months, we decided to dig the entire swimming pool perimeter. Finally, the culprit was discovered and repaired! Then it was back to square one. Bringing it back to its pristine state was another matter, however. We got a lot of flack from some guests about this. We brought in another contractor who recommended replacing all the filters and other parts.

When we first opened the resort to the public, we didn’t have a pool, and people were fine with it. But now, it’s part of the expectation. I’m happy to say that after many months of agonizing over this swimming pool, the issue is now closed, so you can take down all those nasty comments that you have posted. Having said that, I apologize to our guests who visited while the pool was being repaired but these things are beyond our control. And if you ever had any plumbing issues in your house, you would know what I am talking about. We have taken so much for granted in this modern life of ours, but plumbers (and electricians) are unsung heroes. Love them!

Thus, we begin a new chapter at the resort.

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