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The town of Padre Burgos has recently opened to the public a new eco-park called Mangayao Eco-Agri Tourism Park. The beach features a mangrove swamp and a lagoon, which during high tide would be an ideal place to swim.

The environmental user fee is only P20 per person, but overnight camping is not allowed. Ask for an official government receipt when you pay.

I think the best feature of Mangayao is not the quality of the beach itself (it’s white sand but there’s a lot of dead corals littered along the beach, proof of the rampant dynamite fishing in the area), but the fact that it is uninhabited and its proximity to Dampalitan Beach. All the other beaches in Padre Burgos such as Marao, Basiao, Punta, etc. are heavily populated and not all the residents have toilets in their homes.

I remember swimming here once with my son. The water was so warm and relaxing. I believe it actually has the longest shoreline in Padre Burgos. You can actually walk to Dampalitan Beach and save the P75 entrance fee that the caretaker there has been charging visitors.

The other nice feature of Mangayao is you can drive to the beach, no need to rent a boat. But since you have to enter a private land, there is a fee, to enter. I heard it was P10 but that is too cheap, I must not have heard correctly. If you do not have a car, a trike ride from the resort will cost you P20 per person. Our staff can assist you to book a trike.

You can also choose this as one of your one-island, two-island or three-island stops when you rent a boat from one of our accredited boatmen. Our island-hopping rates are the same as everyone else, the difference is we only use boatmen that meet our safety standards. We also require the boatman to stay with you during your entire trip. This is to ensure that 1) there’s someone looking over your things while you swim 2) in case of a jellyfish attack, he can assist you.

Make sure that you do not leave your trash when you visit Mangayao. Right now, the beach is pristine, but it won’t be for long, if you don’t do your part. Last time I visited Borawan Island, I saw dirty diapers and feminine napkins stashed away in the rocks. It was disgusting!

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